Summer update

Another school year is over, and another pleasant evening was spent at the wood with colleagues just before the end of term. And then I had an operation to decompress the carpal tunnel in my right wrist, which means no driving for now, and no working at the wood for weeks. I am itching to take the scythe and cut some of the rides, but it cannot be done, and both my children are too busy at the moment to help out. I’m hoping that I will be able to get a little coppicing done this autumn before I have the same operation on my left wrist.

Light at the end of the Tunnel near OrlingburyI entered 3 of my photos of the wood into the local RSPB group’s calendar competition this year, and heard recently that 1 of them has been selected – this will be the June photo for 2017.
I adore green and white plants!

Natural England have informed me that they have finally been to visit the wood.They’re hoping to come back in the spring, and they’ll want to meet all the owners too if possible. I hope this is a good sign that we can improve our SSSI rating from “Unfavourable – recovering” to “Favourable”.

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